Transportation Kits

Our excellence in product development has seen our production capabilities diversify into various fields including the Transportation Industry. We have developed numerous after-market Motor Vehicle spare parts, Trailer parts such as Bearing Dust Cap, Wheel Bearing Protector, U Bolt Kit, Coupling, Pintle Hook, Tow Ball, Safety Chain Holder, Receiver Bar, Receiver Pin & Lock, Trailer Lock...and other parts within the transportation industry that require the highest level of quality and satisfy stringent safety standards.

We acknowledge the need for such precision and quality standards; therefore we work with our customers at product inception stages to create production procedures that will eliminate product inefficiencies. We utilize testing procedures to guarantee our products. For example, 3 million cycle fatigue testing and the use of spectrometers to confirm the material strength of each part. We use Optical Scanners and 3D measuring instruments to guarantee and confirm that the dimensions and specifications are consistent and precise. These processes reflect our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

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