Industrial Conveyor Chains

Yuh Chern is consistently working with OEM/ODM customers to develop and manufacturer a variety of customized chain products.
If you are interested in any of our chain products or OEM/ODM services, please contact one of our sales staff for further assistance.

Drop Forged Chain

Drop forged chains can be specifically designed to match customer's special requirements of conveying equipment. A variety of accessories can be welded to the chains to meet any scenario of manufacturing. Drop forged link chains are also known as forged chains or scraper chains. We have different types of conveyor chain products; all of them use solid shaft pin designs, and include light or heavy styles. The ribbed design of this chain can be used in continuous conveyor systems. The conveying route can be vertical, horizontal and inclined. It is the best choice for many bulk materials such as powder, granules, flakes and blocks.

Double Flex Conveyor Chain

This particular chain has Multi-Directional bending characteristics and can be applied to various conveyor chain applications. This chain has a special two-way side bending function, which can deal with different directions in advance. The Multi-Directional bending chain can easily bypass obstacles and even enter corners providing a larger area of sliding ability to perform in. This not only reduces the wear and loss of the chain during operation, but also brings out the best flexibility of the chain whether it is moving in horizontal or vertical directions.

RF Type Industrial Conveyor Chain

RF type Industrial Conveyor Chain is a special design for RS Roller Chains and specifically designed for use with flat attachments.
There are several types of rollers; S type, R type and F type. The attachments can be matched with K-type, A-type, G-type, SK-type and SA-type in which integrated stamping forming or welded onto the chain according to customer needs.

Steel Cable Protector Chain

This product is also known as Drag Chain or Cable Carrier. This design is dedicated to covering and protecting an object and/or as a guide for flexible electrical cables, hydraulic or pneumatic hoses on automated equipment and machines.
It reduces intertwining and wearing of cables and hoses, and improve safety.

Bakery Chain

Our Bakery Industrial chain is designed for carrying bread dough and other baking products through the baking process. This chain is designed to withstand very high temperatures and humid working environments.

177.8 Bucket Elevator Chain

The 177.8 Heavy-duty chain is designed for excavator/bucket elevator systems that are suitable for heavy industrial sites such as mining and metal smelting. It can be utilized in all kinds of bucket conveyor and flat conveyor equipment. The chains are composed of hot forged outer chain plates, bushes and solid pins. Our precision CNC machining on the outer chain plates guarantees a consistent mechanical oil seal across all components. In addition to meeting all of the industry tensile strength standards, we focus on delivering above the market results regarding wear resistance.

FMC Industrial Conveyor Chain

This product is an example of a customized special industrial chain that was developed through the cooperation between one of our customers and our design team.

Flight Conveyor Chain

It is mostly used in bulk materials such as shells, blocks, powders, granules and flakes.

Floor Drag Conveyor Chain

This product is utilized for ‘on the ground’ conveyor equipment. The design allows people and transportation equipment to pass freely in the factory area. The whole system is designed to be level with the factory ground.

Bi-Planar Chain

Our Bi-Planar conveyor is made of special steel pins and precision bearings, and the chain plates are formed by precision stamping process of manufacturing. Our product can be developing in a variety of specifications to fulfill the customer requirements.
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