Enclosed Track Conveyor Chains

This Overhead Conveyor Chain system’s greatest advantage is that it utilizes a closed track system. The chain can move freely in horizontal and vertical directions within minimal space. Each chain link pitch has horizontal and vertical wheels that have ball bearings for carrying the load with ease. This assists in reducing travel resistance and increasing the life expectancy of the chain.

This enclosed track conveyor chain is designed for maximum flexibility across multi-directional track systems. Compared to conventional conveyor chain systems, this flexibility enhances the conveyor performance while maintaining overall strength and stability. The track route can be designed and installed according to the site requirements and provides functional options in material handling, transportation and storage.

Transportation loads are used to categorize the chains:
*Light duty (10~20kg) – 2 Ton Enclosed Track Conveyor Chains
*Medium duty (30~50kg) – 5 Ton Enclosed Track Conveyor Chains
*Heavy duty (50~70kg) – 7 Ton Enclosed Track Conveyor Chains

2 Ton Enclosed Track Conveyor Chain

Traveling horizontally, this system can be freely maneuvered to the smallest of radiuses, the minimum being 400mm. The structure has horizontal rollers in each chain, which assists in reducing the resistance during movement.

5 Ton Enclosed Track Conveyor Chain

It is currently one of the most used specifications in enclosed track conveyor chains, with the characteristics of a smaller chain pitch.

7 Ton Enclosed Track Conveyor Chain

This system is designed with two-wheels moving the chain horizontally and two-wheels moving the chain vertically. The advantage of this design is that the chain can withstand the tension evenly as the chain maneuvers on the curvature of any track.

Horizontal Curve 

There are a variety of horizontal curves in varying radiuses and angles available for customers to utilize. For horizontal curves, we recommend a combination of horizontal curves and horizontal wheels to meet the requirements of each factory’s layout.

Drive Unit   

In general, the drive unit of any conveyor system should be placed on the line where the maximum tension is experienced. Normally, we placed a drive unit in the working line within 100-120 meters of a take-up device.

Take-Up Device   

There are two options for this adjustment device; the first being the counter-weight type and the second is the spring-operated tension adjustment type. The installation function of the adjustment device is to respond to the elongation of the chain length caused by thermal expansion and contraction of the chain when the temperature varies during operation.

Conveyor Accessories

-Inspection & Maintenance Tracks
-Upward & Downward Vertical Curves
-Various types of Hangers / Pendants: Y-type Hanger, Swivel Cross Hanger, and U-type Hanger
-Oil Cup
-Water Jet Nozzles
-Automatic Lubricators
-Flanges (Steel, Rubber, Teflon)
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